By destroying traditional social habits of the people, by dissolving their natural collective consciousness into individual constituents, by licensing the opinions of the most foolish, by substituting instruction for education, by encouraging cleverness rather than wisdom, the upstart rather than the qualified, by fostering a notion of getting on to which the alternative is a hopeless apathy, Liberalism can prepare the way for that which is its own negation: the artificial, mechanized or brutalized control which is a desperate remedy for its chaos.

TS Eliot

Fragments on a Broken System

All That Is Solid by LS O’Brien

An Old Review of the Spanish Master

Thinking through a paradox

A storm is coming at us from a broken future. A rising plastic wave of people, as much as sea.

Fragments and Drawing

Soggy Dubai — LS O’Brien

Fragmented observations, from Benjamin to Baldwin

Angelus Novus, Paul Klee

And the Crimes of Hillary Clinton

By LS O’Brien

“They [the liberals] were no doubt right, to be confident that the world was moving toward the destruction of traditional institutions, privileges and beliefs; but the first half of the twentieth century has already made evident that their wealth, taste and intellectual liberty will dissolve in some strange barbarism that will think them good riddance.”

“You ain’t a real lion if you love the circus…”

Snippets From What Is Fascism? and Their Morals and Ours

LS O'Brien

Pay no attention to Caesar. Caesar doesn't have the slightest idea what's really going on - Bokonon

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